Beadstreet offers several styles including seed, wood, metal, glass, miracle and plastic beads. We also offer fresh water pearls and charms. Contact us to find out more.


  • Blister Pearls
  • Fresh Water Pearls

Glass Beads

  • Indian Glass
  • Indian Glass Foil
  • Chinese Glass
  • Chinese Glass Foil
  • Chinese Crytal


  • Metal
  • Seed
  • Wood
  • Miracle
  • Plastic


  • Semi – Precious Stones
  • Magnetic Hematite

We stock a wide range, available in different styles, colours and sizes, you can create your own jewellery, the sky truly is the limit with so many options.

About Our Selection

Available Pearls: Blister Pearls and Fresh Water Pearls
Blister Pearls
Lovely semi-spherical pearls, available in several colours, these pearls remain attached to the shell and are polished until smooth.

Fresh Water Pearls
Bright, reflective round pearls, available in several soft colours.

Glass Beads
Available Glass Beads: Chinese, Indian, Foil Glass and Chinese Crystal.
Clear glass available in several colours, shapes and sizes, we have Chinese and Indian glass beads.

Foil Glass
Semi opaque glass with silver foil embedded inside available in several colours, shapes and sizes.

Chinese Crystals
Fashionable polished glass crystals that sparkles, available in many colours, cuts and sizes.

Bead Styles
Wide range of different metals, shapes and sizes, metals available include: gun metal, pewter, silver, gold and copper, we also have several pendants, findings and charms, such as roses, hearts, birds, dragonfly wings, alphabet letters, crosses and teddy bears.

Small and comes in several colours available in glass and plastic, clear, semi-opaque or opaque.

Plain or painted wood available in many styles, sizes and colour.