Beginner Beading Class

Want to learn to bead? Take our beginner beading class! Learn the ways of creating custom jewellery and start designing your own unique and marvelous pieces.

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This class is for students who are new to beading.

After completing the class you will have a basic understanding of the various techniques required for making fashion jewellery.

You will complete and take home all the items taught in the class.

You will learn to make:

  • A two strand necklace using tiger tail wire and crimps.
  • A bracelet made with pins, beads and charms.
  • Two sets of earrings.

Cost Per Class = R200.00

Included in the cost of the classes are:

  • A variety of beads for use in the projects
  • Required findings and threading materials


    Contact us for more information. Call us on 083 651 0553 or email us

    About the Beginner Class

    Beads and the various techniques to employ them have existed for a long time; beads are present in many cultures throughout the world, with each using different beads, colours and methods to create their own works. Modern beading does draw on these, while also developing contemporary styles that incorporate current trends in the fashion world. Despite recent fashions, techniques used for beading largely remain the same.

    Our beginner beading class is given by an experienced instructor, with more than 15 years of experience, in this class you will be taught basic techniques that are used in most jewellery, after mastering this class you can then move onto other classes. The price of the class includes the lesson, materials and tools used in this class.

    You can book a beginner class for yourself, or with friends/family, we take up to four people per class. Children over 10 years are welcome as well, and will need to have a parent or guardian to accompany them if they are under 15 years of age. If the parent or guardian would like to participate, they will need to pay the classes fee as well. Additional kits are available for purchase after the lesson.

    Larger workshops for the beginner class (5+ people) can be arranged. We offer these workshops as part of team building activities, outreach programs, parties and year-end events. These workshops will require additional instructors depending on the size of the group, contact us for a detailed quote.